Bailic religions are classified as religions which somehow deify the goddess Bailey, whether benevolently or malevolently. These three world religions are identified as Bailic:

Of these three, two are considered extinct: Bylism and Lylism, while Bailism originated in the United Island and remains the dominant religion in the nation. Both Bailism and Lylism trace their roots to the Bylist faith, which introduced the doctrine of three gods: Bailey, Kyle, and Laci, who are locked in some kind of divine struggle which has defined the strains of the Universe for eternity, as outlined in the Book of Byle. Lylism emerged as an offshoot of Bylism in ancient Byle which believes that Laci is the one rightful goddess of the Universe. Bailism originated five millennia later (according to the Book of Bailey), and declares that Mother Bailey has overcome the divine struggle and now sits as the One True Goddess of the Universe, without Kyle or Laci.

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